Why you should ALWAYS answer emails


You may be thinking why do I have to answer ALL emails from my members/clients? “I’m so busy; do they really need to know that I received it and what if I don’t know the answer? “ Do we assume that if someone doesn’t answer an email it’s because they are not interested? I don’t want to answer this email because I don’t want to say no. Emails have become the primary source of communication for the majority of people. If a client or member were to call you, would you just stay quiet on the other end? Not likely.

In a customer service driven world it’s important to acknowledge the member. Is it really too time consuming to reply with a “thank you” for sending something you requested or letting them know you’re looking into the issue and will get back with them? It’s also okay to not have the answer or say “no” to members but, at the very least answer them, it’s polite.

Here at the AMP office we have a 24 hour rule to responding to all emails. It really proves that you care in the simplest way. Although, at times we do not intend to ignore emails it’s important to respond in the moment even if the answer is “I don’t know” or “no”. Most members appreciate the response and it avoids angry follow-up calls or confusion!

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