Getting Involved in the Lobbying Process

AMP Blog - Getting Involved in the Lobbying Process


What is lobbying?

Lobbying is advocating a point of view or position of an association or industry. It is one of the most common reasons associations are formed. Lobbying has many aspects but includes:

  • Analyzing legislation and regulatory proposals, and monitoring revisions thereto.
  • Attending and testifying at legislative committee meetings or regulatory hearings
  • Testifying at committee
  • Meeting with individual legislators and leadership

How can you help your association?

As a member, pay attention to the Legislative Updates you receive.   They may be hard to understand but there is nothing wrong with asking for clarification! Associations have multiple ways to communicate important legislative updates such as: email, social media, website updates or meetings. Use the power of social media and share updates and forward emails to friends or colleagues you think may be helpful. Bringing attention to your association’s legislative needs can make a world of or colleagues difference!


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