Five Tips to Stay Motivated Throughout the Work Week

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Five Tips to Stay Motivated Throughout the Work Week

Staying motivated and positive throughout the work week can sometimes be easier said than done! We have a few tips that can be helpful when you find yourself in a slump.

1. Make Lists
When you are feeling overwhelmed and your mind is racing with “remember this”, “11 AM meeting”, or “call that hotel”! STOP and take a moment to write down all these thoughts. You will be more likely to remember your tasks, get them done and complete what you are currently working on with less stress and more accuracy!

2. Music
Music can be stimulating for the mind and helpful. Try a new Spotify or Pandora playlist! These music providers specifically create playlists for concentration, relaxation and/or focus! You may be surprised!

3. Engage in Small Talk
As Association Management Companies we can spend a lot of time on the phone answering similar questions; this can seem unproductive and leave you asking “why don’t you read?!”. Try flowing the conversation learning something new about your clients and building relationships! It can never hurt and it may help lighten your mood!

4. Take a Walk
During lunch break or just a quick lap around the office, walking can help clear your mind and give you an energy boost!

5. Flashback
Sometimes it’s helpful to remind yourself of where your career began compared to where you are now! Think back to how exciting your first day was or landing your first client. Positive reinforcements like this can really help you stay motivated and leave you with a smile!

Challenge yourself to give one of these tips a try and maybe they will become a habit! Remember, to take it one step at a time and keep your priorities aligned. It’s okay to have a bad day but don’t let it become a bad week!

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