Day-to-Day Office Tips & Tricks


Organization and communication are key components that create a positive office environment and a successful business. Here are some helpful tips we use here at the AMP office to create and maintain an efficient and effective environment.

Hold weekly staff meetings -This is a great way to open communication among staff and remain accountable for individual office tasks. Weekly staff meetings can improve efficiency by keeping all employees on the same page. Check out other tips for successful meetings here.

Create a shared calendar -With almost any email system, there is a calendar to schedule appointments or to keep an agenda. Make it a priority to have a master calendar where all tasks are uploaded and updated frequently. This will allow everyone to be aware of upcoming deadlines and staff whereabouts.

Keep Updated Records – Keeping updated lists of logins, operations documents, and a member record is critical. It only takes a moment to update the information once you receive it.

Define Responsibilities – Create a staff task list by person for key tasks so everyone knows who’s responsible for what. This way if an issue arises there’s a “go to” person to handle things.

Set a time to do the undesirable tasks – We all have projects that we don’t like doing. These things clutter your desk (and mind!) – so force yourself to get them done by picking a day and time each week to tackle the not-so-fun projects.

Business planning – Most days we spend our time acting and reacting to clients, members, etc. Spending time to work on your business plan is an important component of a well-run office. Set a time and get it done!

Create and stick to office management routines – Some routine we use at AMP are Monday morning staff meetings, written processes for key tasks, how to handle paperwork – (handle each piece of paper once – act on it, trash or file it; don’t pile it on your desk to decide later.)

These are adjustments that you can make today, for a more pleasant and effective office environment.

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