Data Management – Keeping your Members Contact Information Current


Data management can be painful, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve given it your full attention! In those cases, associations find they no longer have correct contact information. So its important to find a way to update your members data on a regular basis. Here are a few sneaky tricks to get your members to update their information frequently:

• Include an option to update contact information with every purchase your members make. For example, include it in a conference registration form or a raffle ticket purchase.
• Pre-populate current member information on all forms so they can see if there are any errors and make needed changes.
• Send them an annual “hello” email asking them to confirm the current information you have on file.
• Membership renewals are a great time to get members to update their information. Make sure to include a quick and effective way to update contact information in the renewal form.
• Take a moment to go through the bounced email list from your email provider. A lot of times they tell you why the email bounced so clean up is easy!
• If you have an active social media page, use it to your advantage! Post about the importance of accurate contact information and be sure to direct them to a way to update their information in the post.

With these tips and practices in mind you will have more success with communicating important information!

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