Agenda Setting

Agendas can be created for many reasons other than to guide meetings.
Here are a few general tips for creating a successful agenda.

Highlight Main Points and Bottom Lines – You want your employees and yourself to be able to reference your agenda when they recall the information. If not, you will be asking yourself – “where was I going with this?!”

Creating To-Do Lists – Creating a list is very beneficial for some people! A daily list of manageable tasks can be less overwhelming than a long weekly or monthly to-do list. Referencing from that larger list and creating smaller lists only takes a few minutes and allows you to prioritize to tackle the work day!

Conference/Event Agendas – Creating the agenda for a conference or event as quickly as possible will eliminate a lot of stress and questions from attendees. Knowing the “what”, “when”, and “where” will also help greatly when planning and coordinating with vendors! Posting an agenda on your event website is beneficial and makes attendees happy!

Take a few minutes to create an agenda for yourself and see how it helps!

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