A Short Guide to Efficient and Effective Meetings

AMP and KSA'S Building

Meetings are inevitable, especially when working with clientele to appropriately gauge their association’s needs. Here are a few helpful tricks to conduct an efficient and effective meeting! These tips can be applied to any size meeting!

Set an agenda – No meeting is too small for an agenda. It only takes moments to create and it’s as simple as bullet points. This will help prevent the meeting from going off topic and confirm that all action items are addressed.

Keep a time limit in mind – Try to set a reasonable time limit for your meeting to help avoid it turning into social hour. Be sure to give yourself enough time to cover all agenda items and leave room for questions and discussions.

Accountability – Staff meetings are a great time to hold yourself and staff accountable for weekly to-do items. Take a few moments to circle around the table and share tasks you will do in the upcoming work week and follow up with what task did or did not get done the previous week. If you have a large staff, call on department heads to report!

Handouts and Visuals– Individual handouts or PowerPoints can be really helpful for some people to follow along. We have found it especially helpful to have a handout while financials are being discussed!

Recap – Be sure to conclude your meetings with a summary of upcoming events and pressing deadlines. In our office we like to print an updated master calendar every week for staff to keep as a reference!

Successful meetings can set the foundation for success! Consider a few of these tips for your next meeting and see the difference!

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