6 Principles of Member Service

KSA/AMP Building. Blog Headers - 6 Princples to Member ServiceAs association professionals, it is our responsibility to create favorable and memorable experiences for our members. At AMP we stay true to these 6 principles for great member service:
1. Follow the 3-ring/24-hour rule
Answer phone calls within 3-rings and respond to requests within 24 hours. Ignoring members or not responding because you do not know the answer will only cause unnecessary frustration. If you don’t know the answer, simply tell them you will get back to them.
2. Thank your Members
Thanking members for belonging to the organization(s); recognizing that membership is a choice, and that your attitude may influence their decision to renew!
3. Use their Name
Using members’ names as often as possible is a simple way to make members feel appreciated. Follow up with asking about their needs and satisfaction with the organization.
4. Take Opportunities to Help
Finding ways to offer assistance to your members at every opportunity! Extending a helping hand is as simple as, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
5. Treat Inquiries as Prospective Members
Treat inquiries from prospective members as opportunities to persuade them to become dues-paying members. This doesn’t have to be intense; it can be as simple as, “Did you know members receive discounts or free newsletters?”
6. Stay Positive
A positive attitude that is noticeable in: telephone conversations, written communication and personal contact with your members. Quick tip: Answer your phone with a smile! Members can “see” you smile.

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